Che aereo speranza VM
cover of article Stil: Pop, Progressive
1.Sconfinate fortune
3.Cavalli con le ruote
4.Semaforo rosso
5.Cuore di vetro
6.Senza rancore
7.Latte e caffè
8.Che aereo speranza

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Riedizione 2011 / Very popular in Italy during the 60’s and 70’s, like many other beat and pop groups I Camaleonti had slight progressive influences in some of their 70’s albums, notably this 'Che aereo speranza' from 1976. It contains the song 'Cuore di vetro', which they played at Sanremo. It is a good album with heavy guitar riffs by Valerio Veronese, close to New Trolls. The title track is a wonderful track with Pink Floyd influences. Maybe an album which was released too late for its style, but a very tasty one.