Le Orme 1970
L'aurora delle Orme (Vinile) AMS
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Riedizione 2010 / One of the most important and loved Italian prog bands, and one of the most famous among foreign listeners. Le Orme were another of those bands coming from the beat era that had the most convincing musical evolution in the 70's. They were formed in Marghera (nearVenice) in 1966 but their debut came in 1967 with Fiori e colori, recorded by the original four-piece line-up. The band had a successful single with Senti l'estate che torna and recorded their first album Ad Gloriam at the end of 1968, releasing it the following year. Housed in a psychy sleeve the album is still regarded as one of the best in the Italian beat, with the music having a slight psychedelic touch in songs like Io non so restare solo, Fumo, Milano 1968. In 1970 the band signed a contract with Philips, that released their subsequent 10 albums in ten years. The old label Car Juke Box released L'Aurora, a compilation of their singles tracks that's also very rare now. [source: www.italianprog.com]. Faithfully restored and reprinted in the original sleeve.